Press bio:

"Metaphors are effective nine times out of ten and quotations seven times out of ten, but impromptu words come forth every day and harmonise within the framework of nature"

Chuang Tzu

Lee Noyes (b. 1977 Burns Lake, British Columbia) is an improvising musician, instrumentalist and composer of sound-works working in multifaceted ways within experimental music, noise, free improvisation and 'Harsh Silence'¹, primarily with feedback systems, piano and percussion.

In the exploration of pure sound [noise] electronic and acoustic, Noyes seeks to reveal through dedicated focus on the art of listening, humanist ideals in a celebration of dialogue, communication and collaborative activity. A "sensitive and alert improviser"², his music has been described as "minimalism at its most moving, heart-sweeping best. For connoisseurs... a cornucopia of abundant sounds"³

A long-time resident of Dunedin, New Zealand now based in Gothenburg, Sweden, he has performed across Australasia and in Europe and had music published on various labels in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Australia.


"Noyes, the free-improv percussionist, folds and subsumes his contributions into the whole."

Jesse Goin - Crow With No Mouth

"Noyes manages to balance the tensions between sounds, noises and notes, by sprinkling a few short, sensitive melodic phrases or disseminating the rubbing and scraping wood and strings of his piano, in a territory that hesitates between the parentage of John Tilbury and Magda Mayas. The balance between these tensions is thus magically managed and handled , whether the balance between individuality and community, noise and melody , tonality and atonality , striated and smooth time, etc."

Julien Héraud - Improv Sphere

"Every gesture is prudent and well-placed. Sticks, knuckles, brushes, fingertips, rubber balls, eraser-on-paper emulations etc. join skin and metal, Noyes analyzing all areas of his drum and cymbal with creative kindness/coercion... With extreme simplicity, intimacy at its most familiar and acute patience, Noyes... craft(s) intrigue."

Dave Madden - The Squid's Ear

"Noyes utilized his famous mini-sized kit, this time stripped back to absolute bare boner. What occurred was simply gorgeous – Noyes mirrored the chatter and crunch of radio by stretching drum-skins, scraping and sucking, blowing and shuttling, his kit transforms into an ululating backdrop... There is a delerium to this performance. And I don't think any one else would have had the imagination and responsive sensitivity to make it work."

Matt Middleton - La Décennie Brut

"History feels challenged... very tense, angular work that succeeds through its own awkwardness and ability to sound unlike much else I have heard in a while."

Richard Pinnell - The Watchful Ear