Lee Noyes | Lance Austin Olsen - PARTICLES & WAVES


Krapoola / García / Noyes - Threhhlasb Andng Nmer
tzpCS39: tanzprocesz

Lee Noyes: Wandering the Way
nk150: nowaki

Lee Noyes & Lance Austin Olsen: CRAIG'S STROKE
Review: Just Outside

Johnny Chang | Lee Noyes: Having Never Been to Beirut
isrdig003: ISR | DIGITAL
Review: Just Outside

Lee Noyes: Kindzukuroi
isrdig002: ISR | DIGITAL

Loxbo | Noyes: HEX
isrdig001: ISR | DIGITAL

Paulo Chagas | Lee Noyes: EDGES
ISR1-14: idealstate recordings

Bruno Duplant, Barry Chabala, Lee Noyes: Juste Après la Nuit
CNV76: con-v

Lee Noyes: L'esprit de l'escalier
nk 132: nowaki

miguel a. garcía . tomas gris . lee noyes: asto ilunno
ISR1-13: idealstate recordings
Reviews: Just Outside | Vital Weekly | Improv Sphere | Le son du grisli | The Sound Projector

Lee Noyes | Massimo Magee: Lent
nk125: nowaki

Lee Noyes & Radio Cegeste: If witness was an architect
idealstate no-number series
Review: Improv Sphere

Lee Noyes: Distillation
idealstate no-number series

Lee Noyes: Truth in Opposition
bp207: Banned Production tape series
available from banned production or idealstate distribution

Bruno Duplant with Lee Noyes, Anders Dahl, Christian Munthe, Massimo Magee: 9 Times 5
ILSE-28: [last copies available from idealstate]
Reviews: The Watchful Ear | Just Outside | Improv Sphere

Lee Noyes: Xiàzhì
ISR1-12: idealstate recordings
Reviews: Vital Weekly | The Watchful Ear | Just Outside | The Squid's Ear (Jeph Jerman)

Lee Noyes & Radio Cegeste: to orient themselves with coastlines
ISR2-12: idealstate recordings
Reviews: Vital Weekly | The Watchful Ear | Just Outside | A Closer Listen | A Crow With No Mouth

and/also: like also and any
ISR3-12: idealstate recordings
Reviews: Vital Weekly | Just Outside

Alex Wolken - In A Breath
idealstate no-number series

Lee Noyes, Jérôme Poirier, Vincent Poirier - Variations
Three Legs Duck

Duplant/Chagas/Noyes: The Bias Of The Things
Ilse19: [last copies available from idealstate]
Reviews: Improv Sphere | The Watchful Ear

Chagas/Duplant/Noyes: As Birds Outtakes
Zpoluras Net-label free download

When I First Laid Ears On You #6
A Beard Of Snails 3" split series OOP

dHialogue: Fine As Diamonds
ISR1-11: idealstate recordings

phil hargreaves & lee noyes: pared
ISR2-11: idealstate recordings

white & red | lux
ISR3-11: idealstate recordings
Review: Vital Weekly | The Watchful Ear | Just Outside

Lee Noyes & JC Combs: Confessions of a Deviant Machine
cnv68: con-v
Review: Acts of Silence

Bury My Heart: Bury My Heart
ABOS2-023 A Beard of Snails

Bruno Duplant: One Hour North
eg.p010: Engraved Glass
Review: Just Outside | The Watchful Ear

Christian Munthe & Lee Noyes: OnLiners
Review: Just Outside | The Watchful Ear

Chagas/Duplant/Noyes: As Birds
RE:045 re:konstruKt net-label.
Review: Free Jazz Stef | le son du grisli | Improv Sphere

Lee Noyes, Jérôme Poirier, Richard Sanderson: What Ville Means
Three Legs Duck

Motoko Kikkawa & Lee Noyes feat. Radio Cegeste: Kinematics Of The Sky
ISRCD6-10:idealstate recordings

MacKinnon/Noyes: RecordsRecords
ISRCD3-10: idealstate recordings

Motoko Kikkawa & Lee Noyes: Cluster Wing
ISRCD2-10: idealstate recordings

Richard Neave & Lee Noyes: Un-Repent
ISRCD1-10: idealstate recordings

Lee Noyes & Barry Chabala: The Shade & The Squint
Order from SquidCo or download from idealstate recordings.
Reviews: Just Outside | Squid's Ear | The Watchful Ear | Vital Weekly

Lee Noyes & Bruno Duplant: This is Our Post-Exoticism
A Beard of Snails

Hargreaves/Duplant/Noyes: Malachi
insubcdr07: Insubordinations
Reviews: Eartrip | Free Jazz Stef | The Cookshop.

Lee Noyes & Barry Chabala: Illuminati
Roeba Records #5
Order from SquidCo, direct from Roeba or download from idealstate recordings

Alex Mackinnon & Lee Noyes: Bell Like Beat Up/With Heads in Hands
Root Don Lonie For Cash 7" single

Lee Noyes & Massimo Magee – All Angles
Double CDR: download at [Array]
Review: Watchful Ear Disc 1 | Disc 2

Download: Zpoluras Archives

Behemothaur: Necroglacial Enema
Sab001: Faunsabbatha
Review: Aquarius

Je Serai Une Tombe: dunedin nz 19IX07
ISRCD1-08: idealstate recordings

nv s ble axe: gorge
ISRCD1-07:idealstate recordings

cja/lnoyes: MKZIB
Root Don Lonie For Cash

Lee Noyes: Threads
ISRCD106: idealstate recordings

Hargreaves/Noyes: A Present from the Pickpocket
Review: Furthernoise.